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5 steps to wash your hair properly

Anyone who maintains their appearance and personal hygiene washes their head frequently. But how many of us know how to wash our hair properly? Are there certain steps we need to follow? If so, what are these steps?

I propose to you the following set of steps and I am waiting for your suggestions, to see how we can improve it:

1. Comb before entering the tub.

Doing this will promote blood circulation in the scalp, you will prevent hair breakage, and also hair loss.

2. Moisten the strands well and pour a quarter of the capacity of the shampoo into your palm.

Apply the product from the root and then spread it to the tips. If you have long hair, add more shampoo until all the hair is soaked and covered.

3. Do not rinse immediately.

For 2 minutes, caress your senses and give yourself a circular massage. Once every 20 seconds, soak your fingers in water and lift your hair a little. Repeat the procedure. In this way, you emulsify the shampoo and promote blood circulation.

4. Rinse your hair well with warmer water.

Be careful not to leave any product on your hair and test it to make sure you did the right thing. If the strands creak at the touch, rinse properly.

5. Apply conditioner from the middle of the strands to the ends.

Allow to act. Only then rinse thoroughly and use cold water to close the cuticles.

What steps do you follow when you wash your hair? Tell me in the comment section!

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