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5 tips you absolutely need to know during pregnancy

During pregnancy, especially during the first pregnancy, you would like to read and know as much as possible, in order to feel as prepared as possible. But there are some things that sometimes seem too small to be told or remembered by moms and that you can't find at all, or they're really hard to find on the internet.

I learned them on my own, or stumbled upon them. As I really had not many pregnant friends or relatives around me, the internet was my best ally in documenting myself. So today I want to talk about 5 things that may seem trivial, but would have made my life much more easier if I had known them from the beginning.

Here are my tips:

1. Use baby toothpaste.

Maybe not all moms have experienced this, but for me it was a torment brushing my teeth, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. I have to admit, I was so sick of the mint toothpaste that I avoided brushing my teeth in the morning for fear of nausea. But everything was solved when I bought toothpaste for children (0-6 years), to which I had no aversion. It may seem trivial, but if I had known this from the beginning I would have avoided many episodes of nausea and vomiting :)

2. Drink milk to relieve heartburn.

I kept looking and looking for a solution for heartburn, so common in pregnancy and just when I decided that I actually have to endure them, because I knew that drugs are not allowed in pregnancy, I found the solution: milk. And it really works! Later, a friend told me about Rennie tablets, which are allowed for pregnant women and fight burns, but I also prefer milk because it is also an important source of calcium, which we need so much during this period.

3. Do not expect to be offered a seat on public transport.

I'm not at all the kind of person who jumps straight out of the subway door and runs away quickly to get a seat, on the contrary, most of the time I prefer to stand. The problem is that sometimes during pregnancy it is quite difficult to stand with all the nausea and dizziness and a seat would only fit. And here reality strikes us. Not only can you not find an empty seat, but you also have to be careful to keep your bump safe from people in a hurry who could hit you. So if you set your expectations correctly and grounded in reality, you will have a better mood and optimism and who knows, maybe one day someone will surprise you :)

4. Take folic acid in the evening before bed.

Folic acid is a supplement prescribed in the first trimester of pregnancy to help the healthy development of the fetus' nervous system. It is very useful, but very few mothers know that it causes nausea. It was really impossible for me to take it on certain days, because I ended up vomiting 3 times a day. The life-saving solution came when I thought about taking it in the evening, just before I went to sleep. Again, how I wish I had known this from the beginning!

5. Stop comparing to other future mommies.

You've probably heard moms tell you how their pregnancy was the most wonderful time, how they ate everything they wanted, how they enjoyed every moment, while maybe your pregnancy will be harder, with nausea, vomiting, insomnia . Maybe you have gained more weight than the mothers you talked to, or maybe your baby is moving less than another pregnant woman's baby, or maybe you just often hear that you have a big belly and that the baby will be very big, or on the contrary that it will be very small.

I don't think I can really stress out how important this last piece of advice is. Don't compare yourself to anyone!

Every pregnancy, every mom and every baby is unique and your experience will not be the same as anyone else's. Enjoy each stage, put your worries aside and prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one.

What are the things you learned during pregnancy? Please tell me in the comment section below!

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