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8 tips & tricks for the urban garden

One of my many passions is gardening. Whether it's herbs, flowers or even some vegetables, they are an excellent source of relaxation for me. But anyone who has played a little garden, even if it is a small and urban one, knows that it is not so easy. Sometimes the flowers wither for no reason, other times there are small pests that make my plants sick or even sometimes I fail to offer them the best conditions for development. That's why I tried to find out a little more about some gardening tricks, all organic, of course, to make my life easier and my plants happier. I will write only the ones I came across. And as strawberries and flowers are my favorite seedlings, most likely my tips will relate to them.

1. Plant strawberries with mint

There are associations of plants that do not go well together (for example cucumbers should not be planted right next to tomatoes I also found out, to my surprise) and there are associations that help plants grow better. One of them is mint with strawberries. We tried it this year and we have some huge plants not only strawberries, but also mint. The only trouble is that you don't have to let the mint spread more than it should.

2. Bulb flowers need potassium

When I refer to bulbous flowers, I mean especially spring flowers, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. What I did was put a few banana peels in a bucket of water and wet it with that water. I'm not exaggerating when I say I had some super flowers this spring. My husband said he had never seen such daffodils, with so many flowers on one thread (there were about 9-10 I think, you can see it in the picture).

3. Solution for withered flowers

I don't know how, but it still happens to me that the flowers kept inside, in pots, still wither. So to help them recover, I prepare a solution in a blender: a banana peel, an eggshell, a teaspoon of coffee grounds + water, and with that water I wet the wilted flowers a few days in a row. Banana peel brings potassium, eggshell brings calcium, and coffee grounds protect against insects, so it's the perfect combination to help the flowers recover.

4. Coffee grounds repel insects

I remember last year, every remnant of my daily cup of coffee was added to the tomatoes, right to the root. The seedlings I put the coffee grounds on were completely avoided by ants and other insects.