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Summer smoothies that help you lose weight

As summer knocks on our door and we want to cool off, we want to go to the sea, we want to have an enviable figure, or just to be healthy and to feel good in our skin, I decided to write about some soft drinks for summer which are delicious and at the same time cut your appetite, making you eat less.

1. Lemonade is my first choice in this field because it is very easy to prepare, it has a taste to my liking and cuts the appetite. However, its consumption should not be exaggerated, especially if you have or are prone to ulcers or gastritis.

2. Green tea is known for its healing properties and you can google more information about it (it has many health benefits). I will only mention that it cuts the appetite and speeds up the metabolism, which helps us burn extra calories faster. Usually, during the summer I consume it cold, combined with ice or lemonade.

3. Watermelon smoothie is a soft drink with a very good taste, and bonus, the melon reduces the need for sweets. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium. It is also very good for people who are prone to acne.

4. Grafts smoothie. Grafts are some of my favorite fruits. These are considered 0-calorie fruits, not because they have no calories, but because the body consumes more calories to digest them, than they actually have. Grafts are also known to burn fat and are hepatoprotective.

Certainly there are many more fresh to mention, but these are my dearest. What kind of smoothies will you enjoy this summer?

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